Care and diligence must be taken to ensure that a model is placed into a multivariable control environment where it can effectively manage and optimize the process.

AutoPilot®, Optima’s constraint based prioritized advanced control platform, removes any software related barriers to designing the ideal process control system for the particularities and nuances of your particular process.

AutoPilot® Benefits:

  • Non-linear control
  • AutoPilot® offers nearly 30 years of continuous non-linear control focused development
  • Optimized model based execution of the desired process control strategy
  • Models can either be developed or imported into AutoPilot and wrapped with a optimized process control scheme
  • AutoPilot® boasts the longest continuously in-operation controllers in the mining and mineral processing industry

AutoPilot® offers optimal control and confidence

Effective process control gives the plant engineer confidence the plant is being controlled for maximum benefit moment by moment. Here the plant engineer can see where is process has been and where it is going.

The project went better than expected. This was primarily due to the excellent process and engineering expertise Optima brought to the project in conjunction with a solid advanced controls package designed and written by controls engineers with many years of experience. Our process was particularly difficult to control before but now operators have a tool that really helps them drive the process for much better operating results on a consistent basis.

Dirk Danninger